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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fired Feminist Pro-Abort Instigates Attack on Steubenville Colleagues

Rebecca Bratten Weiss
Pro-Abort Feminist Idealogue
From Church Militant TV April 19, by Christine Niles:
STEUBENVILLE, Ohio ( - Alumni of the Franciscan University  of Steubenville [All three of them!] launched an attack against conservative professors at the Catholic school, but inside sources claim a fired professor is behind the move.
An open letter published by "alumni and friends" of the university accuses Professors Anne Hendershott and Stephen Krason, among others, of being "strongly ideologically aligned with the far right of American politics." As proof, the letter cites articles authored by Hendershott and Krason calling out liberal Catholic schools, leftist protests, Obama policies and feminism. 

Counting Calories: An Exercise in Self Awareness and Accountability

We found this snail in the garden, Grandma.
We think it moves faster than you do! 
I've never paid much attention to my weight and have rarely dieted in my life. During Advent and Lent I've often given up sweets, alcohol, between meal snacks, and other calorie-laden goodies. I once gave up chocolate for an extended period for one of my children who was going through a hard time.

But I decided after my annual physical two weeks ago that I really need to drop some pounds because I'm exhausted all the time and the extra weight is no doubt a big reason. I decided I needed to get serious about it.

It's frustrating because I pretty much eat the way I always have: three meals a day and only a rare snack with a cup of decaf tea and honey in the evening. (Honey is a sleep aid and it really works for me.)  But being on prednisone for 18 months and the natural, metabolic slowdown from age seems to have reset my metabolism to that of a snail.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Twitter Discriminates against Young Adult with Down's Syndrome

Charlotte (Charlie) Fien's account was locked for 24 hours!


Because she posted pro-life photos on her Twitter page.

This young woman is an activist defending the rights of those with Down's Syndrome. She's spoken before the U.N. She's also worked to help the Irish people keep their laws protecting babies in the womb.

Read more here and check out her testimony at the U.N. Go, Charlie!

There's more than one way to abuse a child!

Jazz has serious problems including binge eating.
In my last post I referred to little Alfie Evans and the doctors' concerted effort to kill him by pulling his ventilator. But there are other ways to abuse and "kill" children. One of the worst is the politically correct way many are dealing with the illness of gender dysphoria. And, yes, it is an illness.

An endocrinologist evaluates I Am Jazz, the propaganda book for kids who have gender dysphoria. 

Dr. Michael Laidlaw provides a real service in analyzing one of the most popular books being pushed by transgender activists. He begins with an important point:

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Will Pope Francis be a (Grand)Papa to Little Alfie Evans?

Little Alfie Evans deserves a chance to live!
Father of Alfie Evans meets with pope, pleads for asylum in Italy

As the culture of death zooms in on the sickest members of our human family, we need voices to stand up and speak out. And so I was glad to see these stories about Pope Francis meeting with little Alfie Evans' dad and speaking clearly about the evil of abandoning the sickest and most helpless among us:

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

An Interview with Dexter Duggan on the "Family Feud" with James Hitchcock

Read the latest Catholic news!
Earlier this month I wrote a post about the "family feud" between Catholic historian James Hitchcock and The Wanderer, a conservative Catholic newspaper. Hitchcock's book, Abortion, Religious Freedom, and Catholic Politics, targets The Wanderer (and reporter Dexter Duggan particularly) with a tsunami of criticism.  But the charges, from the perspective of a regular reader (myself), are baffling since Hitchcock implies that The Wanderer and several of her writers, have thrown the pro-life issue under the bus.


The Wanderer is one of the most consistent champions of babies in the womb and those who defend them in the Catholic media. The newspaper also publishes some of the best commentary on Catholic teaching about the entire range of pro-life issues: abortion, euthanasia, homosexual activism and same-sex "marriage", assisted suicide, reproductive technology, etc. How could a Catholic historian get things so wrong?

Maybe liberal Starbucks isn't so liberal after all.

I have to laugh when liberals demonstrate just how illiberal they are. Hey, Starbucks diversity is all about protecting the right to sodomy and gay "marriage," but letting blacks use the restroom when they haven't ordered one of their high priced burnt coffees...that's a horse (or a person) of a different color. I never drink Starbucks anyway, but I am laughing over their moment of negative notoriety! [Note: The police don't deserve any criticism here. They were called by Starbucks to remove the black men from what is a private business. They were simply carrying out the law that gives Starbucks the right to order people off their property.] Let's face it. These days many managers exhibit the snowflake attitude of don't make me feel uncomfortable. Get out so I can drink my latte and hug my snuggie in my safe space. Of course the situation at Starbucks will get a lot more media coverage than the episode in Seattle where pro-lifers were ordered out of the gay coffee shop.

Starbucks Boycott Launched over Racist Episode

And Another

Monday, April 16, 2018

Here's Why We Need Capital Punishment!

7 inmates killed in 'mass casualty incident' at SC prison

Many are probably shaking their heads and saying I'm not really pro-life because I believe capital punishment is sometimes justified. But I believe the state has the obligation to protect her people and prevent more innocent victims from those who clearly cannot be safely assimilated into society and are an on-going danger to other inmates and prison workers. Don't they have rights? Aren't their lives worth protecting?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday Meditation: Control of the Thoughts, a Prescription for Spiritual Health

Today has offered a continual reminder that one of the keys to happiness is to control our thoughts. A constant litany of negativity is the quickest way to discouragement and depression. When I was on Facebook this morning, I came across a video of Zig Ziglar. It intrigued me so I took a look at his bio. His life wasn't all roses and bonbons. His father died when he was only six years old and his baby sister died two days later. His family was poor. He was a salesman who struggled to make enough to take care of his family. And yet, he never gave up and ended up a successful motivational speakers helping millions of people "overcome obstacles." Here's just one short video with an important message about life.

Let's Hear It for Tennessee: Gov Signs Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood!


Tennessee moves to defund Planned Parenthood

They still need a waiver from the feds according to the article and no doubt the well funded abortion giant will sue, but the legislature and governor did the right think and it puts pressure on the baby killers and sends a message. The law is a teacher and this is one teaches that Tennessee favors childbirth over child murder.

So here's a big Tennessee celebration song!